Wellbeing - Inclusivity, Diversity & Safeguarding​​

Shotokan Nation is an actively inclusive organisation which encourages the participation of a diverse range of individuals from all sections of the community. People who wish to train and learn with us are warmly welcomed, whatever their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, sexual or gender identity, physical or mental health, social or family background, religion, language or age (subject only to minimum age limits for younger children set by individual clubs.) Both new beginners and experienced karate practitioners are welcome. 


We have adopted a policy and drawn on guidelines provided by the English Karate Federation (to which we are affiliated) to help us achieve our inclusivity and diversity aims, and these can be viewed on the following pages. 


Should any members have feedback about our policy or see an opportunity for us to improve our practice regarding inclusion, they are encouraged to share this with their club sensei(s) or a member of the Shotokan Nation Steering Committee. 


Across Shotokan Nation, we place the utmost importance on the safeguarding of children, and adults at risk.  


All children, and adults at risk, have the right to be treated with respect, consideration and to be protected from all forms of abuse.  


As part of our commitment to this, any concerns about or allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to quickly, appropriately and thoroughly.  


Our safeguarding policy, and links to further guidance on this key topic, are set out in the following pages.  


Any member (or parent/guardian/carer of a member) with questions regarding safeguarding, is welcome to discuss them with their club’s senior instructor.  

Issues, concerns or allegations of abuse should be raised with their Senior Instructor as a matter of urgency. If that not appropriate or possible, they should be raised directly with the Shotokan Nation Safeguarding lead via: safeguarding@shotokannation.com  

Safeguarding Policy

Inclusion & Diversity Policy

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